Leader: When our children are hurting or sad,

All: We give thanks for teachers’ kindness and concern.

Breaking Faith: Outsourcing and the Damage Done to our Communities

Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez International, breaks faith with working people and their communities as they outsource good-paying jobs to communities where they can get away with paying just a dollar an hour. Read the Report >>

Investigarán a Nabisco por exponer a personal

De Periódico ABC:

por Félix Córdova

Ante un posible riesgo de enfermedades como el cáncer pulmonar al que se enfrentan los trabajadores de Nabisco por estar expuestos a químicos en la planta de Salinas Victoria, asociaciones de Estados Unidos y sindicatos de México iniciarán una investigación.

Las organizaciones Coa...

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Stop Wage Theft

Have you been a victim of wage theft?

Working off the clock, stealing tips, not paying overtime, or misclassifying workers are just a few ways dishonest employers might steal wages.

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