Thus when they have enough for their subsistence and are economically secure, crime is lessened and peace and harmony prevail.


Dignity for all — will you make the call?

Call Congress and the White House and demand protection for ALL undocumented immigrants and refugees! 

How to Make a Strong Global Economy While Protecting Workers' Rights

From VICE Impact:

by Katelyn Harrop

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are 17 encompassing objectives meant to address the world's most pressing health, educational, social and economic issues by 2030. This month, the UN General Assembly, as well as many of the governing bodies behind the UN's SDGs, will be conven...

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To A Good And Sweet New Year

by Ben LevensonDevelopment Associate at Interfaith Worker Justice

Since I was a kid, the idea behind Rosh Hashannah has always been one of the things that makes me most proud to be Jewish. It's a joyous holiday of honey and apples and a new year. Yet, this joy comes with an imperative for us to renew, to grow, and to change. I always appreciated this call to action for me personally and for the c...

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Mondelez dunks quality, workers in pursuit of profit, bakers say

Imam Polozani at Fair Lawn press conference

photo: Imam Arun Polozani of Albanian-American Cultural Center in Riverdale, NJ, expressed support for bakers at the Mondelez Nabisco Fair Lawn plant.

Rich Nazzaro remembers when he started at the Fair Lawn, New Jersey Nabisco bakery.

“I said this is great, I’m making the iconic brand of Oreo,” Nazzaro sha...

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Stop Wage Theft

Have you been a victim of wage theft?

Working off the clock, stealing tips, not paying overtime, or misclassifying workers are just a few ways dishonest employers might steal wages.

Learn to spot the signs and fight back here