Do not oppress your neighbor and do not rob him. Do not keep the wages of the worker with you until the morning.

­Leviticus 19:13

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DREAM Act Is Only The First Step Towards Protection For All

by María TorresNational Field Organizer at Interfaith Worker Justice

The Trump Administration’s revocation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for hundreds of thousands of people is damning evidence of the inhumanity in our broken immigration system; a system rooted in white supremacy, xenophobi...

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Why This DACA Recipient Refuses To Be Called A 'Dreamer'

Photo credit: Newsy/Ben Schamisso

From Newsy:

by Ben Schamisso

Maria Torres describes herself as "the poster child for immigration reform," but don't call her a "Dreamer." She says the word unfairly excludes more than 10 million other undocumented immigrants, including her parents and her...

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Stop Wage Theft

Have you been a victim of wage theft?

Working off the clock, stealing tips, not paying overtime, or misclassifying workers are just a few ways dishonest employers might steal wages.

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