Woe to those that deal in fraud. Those who when they have to receive by measure, from men exact full measure, but when they have to give by measure, or weight to men, give less than due.

Quran 83:1-3

Breaking Faith: Outsourcing and the Damage Done to our Communities

Our report following a four-month international investigation into Mondelēz outsourcing of good, family-sustaining jobs to Mexico where workers only make about a dollar an hour. READ THE REPORT >>

The Story of Ruth: Shavuot and Sharing in the World's Harvest

by Ben Levenson

Shavuot is one of the least well known important holidays in Jewish tradition. People know about passover and matzah, yom kippur and fasting, and hanukkah candles, but not Shavuot. Perhaps it’s because the customs, staying up all night studying and eating dairy (for all those lactose intolerant Jews) is less sexy than a passover seder about liberation and Hanukkah games and candles. And perhaps it’s also because the holiday comme...

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Ramadhan and Labor Empathy

by Sh. Abdur Rahman Khan

As we begin The Blessed Month of Ramadan (Fasting) we are reminded of the saying of Prophet Muhammad, (Peace and Blessings of God be upon him):

"The Most Merciful (God Almighty) shows mercy to those who have mercy on others. Show mercy to those on earth, and the One above the heaven will show mercy to you."

Mercy is the very essence of Fasting and often the Month of Ramadan is ref...

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Remembering Postville, Ten Years Later

IWJ Co-Founder Rabbi Robert Marx at the Postville Rally

"Ten years ago, on May 12, 2008, our town of Postville, Iowa, was turned upside down. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrived by helicopters and arrested 389 workers at Agriprocessors, a local meat-packaging plant, and our town has never recovered." – The Rev. Nils de Jesús Hernandez, pastor of Trinity Cluster Catholic Community, which is​ comprised of parishes in Postville, ...

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Stop Wage Theft

Have you been a victim of wage theft?

Working off the clock, stealing tips, not paying overtime, or misclassifying workers are just a few ways dishonest employers might steal wages.

Learn to spot the signs and fight back here