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Dr. Edith Rasell

Dr. Edith Rasell

Cleveland, OH
Dr. Edith Rasell

Edith Rasell is on the national staff of the United Church of Christ serving as Minister for Economic Justice in Justice and Witness Ministries. She works with UCC congregations around the country as well as national and international organizations to educate and mobilize the faith community and to bring greater economic justice to people in the U.S. and around the world, especially the poor and marginalized. She is known for her ability to make economic matters understandable, relevant and interesting.

Rasell serves on the boards of the National Farm Worker Ministry and Citizens for Tax Justice, the Steering Committee for Jobs with Justice’s National Workers’ Rights Board and the Cleveland Workers’ Rights Board.

Rasell is a UCC layperson and holds a Ph.D. in economics. Before coming to the UCC she worked for 12 years at the Economic Policy Institute, a highly regarded, progressive think tank in Washington, D.C. Rasell has testified before congressional committees on a variety of issues, and has been cited in major daily newspapers as well as radio and television news and information programs. Her work has been published in the American Economic Review, the New England Journal of Medicine, and other journals and the popular press.