Heard at the IWJ Board Meeting

 At the start of day two of IWJ’s bi-annual board meeting the Rev. Michael Livingston, National Council of Church’s Poverty Initiative Director, asked fellow board members one simple question: “Why are you here?”

We always knew they were drawn to IWJ by their own faith and commitment to worker and justice issues. What was inspiring and interesting to hear was how doing this work energizes them as individuals. Here’s what some of them shared: 

  • “This here is a team of amazing organizers working for real change.  IWJ is fighting to keep the soul of the church alive, and I want to be where the action is.” —David Wildman, United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries.
  • “IWJ brings an actual understanding of real people and the issues they face — it has a serious sense of solidarity with the ‘victims’.” —Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali, Luther Seminary.
  • “This space gives hope for the Labor movement. We cannot do it alone, but together, we have the opportunity to move the course of history.” —Ros Pelles,  AFL-CIO.
  • “This is my vocational family” —The Rev. Jim Sessions, Retired United Methodist minister.
  •  "Faith cannot be 'lived' if you're not involved in issues that impact communities the most."  —Elena Segura, Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • "This is my place of safety, where I know people share the same values and are brought together by their commitment to justice." —Steve Birnbaum, Workers Injury Attorney.
  • "What a blessing to work with a wonderful group of people who share a commitment to liberty and justice." — The Rev. Bennie Whiten, retired United Church of Christ pastor.

What about you? What brings you to IWJ?