A May Day Prayer to Keep Our Families Together

Loving God, we lift up President Obama and pray that his heart be opened to the pain and suffering caused by the flood of deportations washing away the lives of families, real people living and working in our nation because they want to live lives of dignity with justice in this land of the free.


We know how difficult are the circumstances of his leadership and the hard decisions he has to make. We know that in Congress lies the ultimate authority and responsibility to bring justice to the travesty of this system that isn’t just broken, but designed to exploit the dignity and humanity of nearly 12 million people whose labor produces the wealth of our nation.


We simply cannot wait for actions Congress will not take.

We pray that our President act with courage, with confidence, and with compassion, not political calculations. Dear God, help him to take action to halt the deportation of more than 1,000 people every day.

Help him to take action to keep families together, to expand Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Help him to take action today, so that not one more family will suffer the pain and loss of these unnecessary and unjust separations.