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Black Friday Solidarity on the Ground

Black Friday Solidarity on the Ground

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On Black Friday, thousands of people of faith and workers advocates stood with Walmart workers calling on the corporation to treat workers more fairly with higher wages and safer working conditions at stores and along its supply chain and to end illegal retaliation against workers who speak out. On the busiest shopping day of the year, workers walked out in cities across the country and advocates proudly held solidarity actions in support.

Worker advocates in Maine deliver a flash mob inside and outside a local Walmart store.
new jersey delegation
Letter delegation in Cinnaminson, NJ 
humboldt park prayer vigil
Prayer vigil in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago

Lakeview action

Letter delegation in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood
Monona, Wis action
Solidarity action inside Walmart store in Monona, Wisc. outside Madison
Roeland Park, KS action
Faith leaders support Walmart workers outside a store in Roeland Park, KS 

Let us know if you have an awesome story or video, audio or photos from a Black Friday action, prayer vigil or letter delegation in your community. Check out IWJ's Facebook album for more photos!


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  1. Virginia Gilbert's avatar
    Virginia Gilbert
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    Thank you for this site. I was unable to go out on Black Friday in support of Wal-Mart workers and I didn't see any reports on local or national news. So I appreciate the grassroots reporting on events across the country.
    Solidarity Forever!
  2. Richard Dassatti's avatar
    Richard Dassatti
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    Thank you for your vigil service text. I went to our Walmart and read it aloud in front of the store on 11/23/2012 at 6AM. We had action from 10:30PM Thursday-1 AM Friday the night before. I thought it word be important for those words to be read at sun rise. Thank you.-Dick Dassatti
  3. Susan Peterson's avatar
    Susan Peterson
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    I made a sign that said "Give Walmart workers some love" and stood outside the Walmart in Seekonk, MA on black Friday morning from 7:00 - 10:00 AM. I was all alone, yet the Bristol County sheriff came out with the Walmart manager and asked me to leave their property. I did so, which was probably better because I stood on Route 6 with my sign for three hours. A lot of people gave friendly honks as they passed me. I heard that there was another protest there in the afternoon. The most fun was that I bought the material for my protest sign at Walmart!

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