BREAKING: Owner of Brooklyn cleaning service arrested for wage theft

Ian Pajer-Rogers |

Imagine working 27 hours in a row and not being paid a dime. That's just what happened to one person in Brooklyn who was part of a group of workers who were recruited to clean houses in late March and early April.

The owner of the cleaning service, the ironically-named Samuel Just, was arrested and arraigned today, facing charges of wage theft to the tune of $4,500.

Terrific work by IWJ-affiliate Workers Justice Project for bringing this injustice to light.

Here's more from the New York Daily News:

A businessman was busted Thursday for failing to pay five day laborers who worked more than 24 hours straight.


Samuel Just, 21, runs a cleaning business called Just Clean on Myrtle Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant and allegedly picked up five workers to clean houses between March 25 to April 3 in preparation for Passover.


"This defendant allegedly preyed on vulnerable people seeking employment, then cheated them out of their hard earned wages," said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.


A man, who drove the vehicle to pick up the workers at the intersection of Division St. and Marcy Ave. in Williamsburg, and four women were not consistently paid the promised $10 to $14 per hour, or overtime, prosecutors said.


One of the women, owed $2,300, allegedly worked 27 hours straight during Passover and did not get paid.


Just allegedly told the workers they should not have worked that long, and if checks were given they bounced, sources said.


He owes them more than $4,500 in back wages, officials said.

This is a breaking story. We'll have more as the story develops.