Brighton Company Sued for Alleged Fast Food Wage Theft

Taco Bell logo. Brighton Company Sundance owns several of these fast food restaurants.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

From Detroit Free Press:

By Laura Colvin

A Livingston County company used various policies to avoid paying employees for time worked, a federal lawsuit alleges.

A complaint filed in U.S District Court in Detroit claims Brighton-based Sundance Inc., which owns more than 170 Taco Bell locations in Michigan and five other states, willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act with regard to misclassification, overtime and wage theft.

“Numerous lawsuits citing similar violations of the FLSA have been filed against Taco Bell franchises throughout the country going back 15 years or more,” said attorney Megan Bonanni, co-counsel for four Michigan workers who brought the lawsuit, in a press release.

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