California city looks to $16 minimum wage

Workers in Emmeryville, Calif., a small city in the San Francisco Bay Area, might soon be collecting the nation's highest minimum wage by 2019, with gradual increases leading up to that level.

Lawmakers in Emmeryville okayed a proposal Tuesday to raise the wage to $16 an hour gradually by 2019. The issue is set for a final vote on May 19. If passed, it would take effect on July 1, when the minimum wage would rise to $14.44 an hour for businesses with at least 55 workers and $12.25 for smaller companies, according to Rueters:

It would increase gradually every year until it reaches $16 for all businesses in 2019.


"Just as our workers are creative enough to make a living off of minimum wage and support their families, I think our businesses will be creative enough to make it work and we'll all lift up together," Emmeryville City Councilwoman Dianne Martinez said at the meeting on Tuesday.

At Interfaith Worker Justice, we applaud the city council for hearing the cries across the nation that workers need a wage off which they can live. The Emmeryville ordinance is a win for workers, but we won't stop till ALL workers receive the just wages they're entitled do as human beings.