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Corporations: Pay Your Fair Share

Corporations: Pay Your Fair Share

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On Tuesday, Tax Day, I joined organizers and worker-members from Arise Chicago and hundreds of folks from Chicago at an action telling some of the biggest corporations it's time they pay their taxes, and demanding a fair tax system that works for everyone—not just the country's richest few.

Throughout the month, “Citizen Tax Enforcers” delivered over-sized tax bills to Bank of America, Boeing, Exelon, CME Group, General Electric, BMO Harris Bank and Sears. On Tuesday, I joined one of four delegations and went to BMO Harris to send a clear message that their tax dodging is immoral and unjust.  Corporations like BMO Harris Bank receive billions in state and federal tax breaks each year, while struggling Americans keep finding ways to pay their fair share.


“Some people we saw just walked into the post office and paid their taxes, and now they are going to say corporations did you pay your taxes like we did?” Shelly Ruzicka of Arise Chicago told a reporter on Tuesday.

The delegations then gathered outside the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and hundreds of Chicagoans demanded CME group and other big corporations pay their taxes, and their executives be held accountable.

Arise at Tax Day Action

Organizations across the country held similar actions.

Arise Chicago plans to send a group to General Electric’s shareholder meeting in Detroit on April 25. IWJ’s Kim Bobo plans to attend the meeting and deliver a letter from people of faith calling on GE pay their fair share of taxes.

You can sign the letter now! 


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    This is terriblty written and a load of crap. This country already provides so many incentives for people to not try hard or to trust in the governement. You lefties have no idea what you are talking about and keynsian economics has never worked. If we stay on this "if I try less for long enough, I will be rewarded by the government" path, we will end up like Europe.

    Can't stand u guys.

    Oh ya, unions are ruining our country as well.

    Have a nice day and God bless.
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    Adam DeRose
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    Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post, and for your comment.

    As people of faith, we will continue to envision and work towards a fair and just economic system that meets the needs of all people and stops creating policies that support wealthy corporate executives at the expense of working people.

    I also invite your to check out our Resource Center for information on why unions matter and what faith has to do with it.

    Many Blessings.

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