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Crux: On social justice, Francis isn’t rethinking so much as recycling

Crux: On social justice, Francis isn’t rethinking so much as recycling

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From Crux:

by John L. Allen Jr.

As Pope Francis prepares for his trip to the United States next month, there’s been a great deal of attention to a recent dip in his US approval ratings, which most observers link to two developments: His encyclical letter calling for dramatic action to fight global warming and climate change, Laudato Si’, and his fiery anti-capitalist comments during a July trip to Latin America.

In that spirit, here’s a quick quiz to test one’s knowledge of traditional papal teaching on both those issues. In each case, there’s a quote followed by a series of multiple choice options as to which pope said it.

1. Quote: “The hiring of labor and the conduct of trade are concentrated in the hands of comparatively few, so that a small number of very rich men have been able to lay upon the teeming masses of the laboring poor a yoke little better than that of slavery itself.”

  • A. Leo XIII
  • B. Pius XII
  • C. John Paul II
  • D. Francis

Read the full article from Crux.


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