Demonstrate a Greater Love


This February 14th, Interfaith Worker Justice asks you to demonstrate a greater love: the love of justice. On the day we normally reserve for romance, fancy dinners, chocolates and flowers, we ask you to spare a moment to help us work for paid family and medical leave benefits.

Did you know that the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leaves out 40 percent of the workforce and guarantees only unpaid leave, which millions cannot afford to take?

Unfortunately, this means that millions of Americans can’t provide care when their loved ones are suffering from a serious illness or injury. They are not able to be present when family members need it most. And only 17 percent of Americans have paid leave through their employer so the majority have to choose between succeeding at work and taking care of a sick child, a newborn or an ailing parent.

Today, we ask you to express your love not only to your Valentine, but also to workers by contacting your representative and letting them know that you support the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMILY) Act.

Will you demonstrate a greater love?

By standing with workers who need time off to care for family members, you will work toward justice. By sending a letter to your elected officials, you will demonstrate your love. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day!