Religious denominations vow to support worker justice

Adam DeRose |

This is what religion looks like!

Last month, people of faith in two major Protestant denominations confirmed a commitment to workers and the struggle of working people in today’s economy at their national governing conferences.

Delegates from the Presbyterian Church (USA) met for the General Assembly in Pittsburg. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church convened in Indianapolis.

Representatives voted on resolutions urging each denomination to commit support for working people and work towards a more fair and just economy.  This is what the resolutions outlined:

The Presbyterian General Assembly

  • Approved a resolution recognizing its support for just compensation, pension and benefits for people and will "speak loudly on their behalf."

  • Vowed to renew commitment to a living wage for all workers and offered support to minimum wage campaigns.
  • Recognized its historic support of collective bargaining rights for wages, benefits and unemployment and commissioned a pastoral letter calling congregations to advocate for collective bargaining rights and directed the Office of Public Witness in the Church to advocate for those rights.

The Episcopal General Convention

  • Agreed upon a resolution a resolution condemning Wage Theft and encouraging congregations to learn more about wage theft in their local communities.
  • Encouraged Episcopalians to support efforts to stop wage theft by being responsible consumers.
  • Vowed to support educational programs like IWJ's Labor in the Pulpits.
  • Resolved to build networks in the labor movement and work with those in the labor movement to strengthen for a more just society
  • Opposed legislative attempts that eliminate or reduce collective bargaining rights.
  • Consider union rights when making purchasing and contracting decisions

Both denominations approved all worker justice related resolutions, recognizing the Church's role in advocating against economic oppression and injustice and to work to alleviate poverty in the world. That's pretty great, right?!? 

Join IWJ in thanksgiving for these resolutions, and tell officials of both congregations Thank You!