Deportation Arrest Highlights Tensions in Los Angeles on Immigration

Photo credit: Aurelia Ventura/La Opinion

From The New York Times:

by Jennifer Medina

Shortly after dropping off his youngest daughter at school, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez saw lights flashing from a black car following him, signaling for him to pull over. The car was unmarked and Mr. Avelica, along with his wife and another daughter, who were also in the car, did not know why he was being stopped.

Officers wearing jackets emblazoned with “police” in large yellow letters on their backs emerged and demanded that Mr. Avelica get out of the car. When he asked what he had done wrong, the officers yelled back, “Be quiet, you know you have a deportation order.” Mr. Avelica’s daughter Fatima, 13, and her mother began to cry. As Mr. Avelica, 48, stepped out of the car and was handcuffed, Fatima pulled out her cellphone and began recording the arrest.

“My dad kept telling us to calm down, that everything would be O.K.,” Fatima said in an interview. “I didn’t understand what was happening and how they could have known who he was.”

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