Faith communities support amazing worker rights campaigns

Adam DeRose |

Workers, labor leaders, unions and allies pushed for some really awesome worker justice campaigns in 2012, according to an article published by AlerNet on Dec. 31.

IWJ supporters and allies, clergy and people of faith stood beside workers in a number of the struggles highlighted by AlterNet.


JubileeIWJ is working closely with organizers from Making Change at Walmart to develop close relationships among faith leaders in communities across the country and workers and groups supporting better pay and working conditions at Walmart stores and across the supply chain. People of faith hosted more than 100 prayer vigils, flash mobs and letter delegations to local Walmart stores on Black Friday calling for Jubilee at Walmart and urging the corporation's executives to start listening to workers' concerns rather than punish or bully them for speaking up.

In 2013, IWJ organizers plan to beef up their support for Walmart workers and connect more faith leaders and people of faith to their local Walmart work by reaching out to more congregations across the country.

You can get involved with IWJ's Walmart campaign by joining out Walmart action team as an e-advocate. You will receive special emails and updates about how to support the campaign.

Chicago Teacher's Union

CTU strikeIn September, Chicago teachers stood up to the Chicago Board of Education. More than 30,000 teachers and thousands of supporters called for better working conditions, more fair evaluation processes and drew national attention to the privatization of public school systems. People of faith stood beside the CTU as organizers pushed for grass-roots and community supported actions. IWJ's Chicago affiliate ARISE Chicago activated members and supporters to join the teachers in the first strike since 1987. IWJ Chicago staffers also joined the picket lines in the morning before heading into the office for work.

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Interfaith Worker Justice and affiliates worked on other amazing campaigns for workers in 2012. Together we look forward to 2013 as we begin work strengthen the rights of workers.