Fast food workers deserve a living wage

Adam DeRose |

D5 collageTomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 5, fast food workers in more than 100 cities across the country are going on a historic strike. Will you be joining an action near you?

Calls for a living wage at fast food restaurants are growing louder each day. People of faith and worker justice advocates are walking in solidarity with brave workers standing up to fast food industry giants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Workers are calling on them to pay at least $15 dollars an hour so all workers can provide for themselves and their families. Fast food corporations CAN afford to pay their workers more. Now it’s time to amplify that call.

Earlier this week, I received an email from Maria Trisler, a McDonalds workers in Illinois who plans to strike tomorrow:

I’m going on strike because I can’t make ends meet for me and my 12-year-old boy on the $8.35 I make at McDonald’s. It’s just 10 cents more than minimum wage here in Peoria, Illinois.

I’m striking because not only can McDonald’s afford to pay us more, but time and time again they’ve shown just how out of touch they are with what it’s like to work for them – and try scrape by on poverty wages.

People of faith are standing with fast food and retail workers like Maria in their communities because as all religions affirm fair pay for an honest day's work. Too often, big corporations like McDonalds (with inflated CEO pay and healthy profit margins) are paying their workers poverty wages, forcing them to use charity and government aid programs just to make ends meet. It’s immoral, and it’s time to call of an end to that practice.

Learn more about the actions of find one near you.