First Action Reflection

Brian Cheney |

by Brian Cheney

who is a second year M.Div student at Yale Divinity School and currently interning at Jobs for Justice in Toledo, Ohio.

I have never been to an action before, so I was pretty pumped about this. When we walked into the Park Hyatt, the doorman was so happy to see us. He held the door wide open with a huge smile on his face. I got goosebumps bad once that happened and they didn't go away for the whole afternoon.

We were kicked out pretty instantly. It's amazing how security just materializes out of nowhere. You walk into a hotel, and you never see even one 6'4" guy in a suit with an earpiece. But in less than two minutes there were about 5 of them, very upset-looking. It was nice to see the Hyatt take us seriously.

Then at the Hyatt Regency we stood with workers who had been on strike as of that morning. This was really cool too. Amidst all the yelling and screaming, a necessary part of the action, I tried to maintain a prayerful attitude and mindset. This is a kind of "praying with the feet," which we discussed. I think it takes practice, but I felt that it was successful. When people are marching at the same pace, chanting at the same time, united by the same cause, I think a certain unity of spirit is manifested physically, and that is powerful stuff. That is what makes this more than a political issue to me; that is what makes this spill over into the life of my faith and hopefully the life of my faith spills over into what I do all summer long.