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Good Jobs Nation: Workers in government buildings strike!

Good Jobs Nation: Workers in government buildings strike!

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Workers who work at businesses who contract with the U.S. government are standing up against wage theft and for a living wage and benefits. Through contracts in government offices and buildings, America’s leading poverty job creator is, in fact, the U.S. government. Interfaith Worker Justice is supporting these workers as they strike and stand up for good jobs. During the month, workers walked off the jobs and as part of a broad strike calling on President Obama and the federal government to be a responsible employer and contractor.

The Goal: make America a Good Jobs Nation once again!

GJN strike

Living Wage NOW

Mr. President



U.S. Rep.

Together, let us join these brave workers and lift up the need for a government that is a responsible employer and contractor! Learn more about Good Jobs Nation here.


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    one wonders where is the sense of Ministers? in uk , a law was passed to ... not be respected. Hold the end of modernization of elevators = 1. save lives. 2. these are real skilled jobs and bring the real wealth in the country as the sector lacks skilled youth.
    It is better to take the money funded Goverment jobs of the future" to train these young people to become agents of elevator maintenance. At least they have a real job in a growth industry.
    ah! public money, you're misused!
    and our ministers still miss the opportunity to actually reduce the unemployment curve.
    A hair pulling!

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