Historic Rest Break Ordinance Passes in Austin!

Danny Postel |

Wonderful news from the Workers Defense Project/Proyecto Defensa Laboral in Austin, Texas (an affiliate of IWJ's national network of worker centers):

Immediately as of July 29th, construction employers are no longer allowed to deny their workers rest breaks in Austin! Workers who are pushed to work for hours in the sun without a break are no longer left without recourse; they are no longer totally unprotected. We filled City Hall with people from all different backgrounds, standing in solidarity with Austin's construction workers. City Council could not say no.

The new ordinance requires at least a ten minute break per four hours of work on a construction site, and the ordinance must be posted at places of employment. Congratulations, and thank you. Without your support, we could never have won this historic victory!

This victory is all over the news, from the Austin American-Statesman to FOX News (see the two videos) and other media outlets.

Congratulations to our friends at the Workers Defense Project/Proyecto Defensa Laboral on seeing their hard work pay off with this critical victory!