Honor a Worker this Labor Day

ShellLabor Day we all take a little break to honor the workers in our communities and stop to remember that our work is a fundamental part of our lives and our society. Each September, Interfaith Worker Justice supporters like you come together and honor the workers who touch our lives every day through the Honor a Worker program. With a gift to IWJ during this special time of year, you can note a special worker or group of workers in your life who you'd like personally thanked with a tribute card. We'll make sure all the workers receive your "Thank You" note.

Last week, we received an Honor a Worker tribute from a woman in deportation proceedings. Along with her gift to IWJ was a request for prayers for everyone she met during her first removal hearing. She asked us to lift up the volunteer court watcher (practically a stranger) who held her hand and prayed as she waited for her turn in court, the guards who carried out their jobs with empathy and compassion, and all the other undocumented immigrants who inspired her with their stories of struggle and commitment to family, community and what they have now come to know as their country.

"Supporting an organization that lifts up workers, regardless of their status, is the best way I can honor and thank all the amazing people I've met in my own journey," she said.

Do you know a friend, family member, coworker or acquaintance whose work has touched your life like theee compassionate workers? Honor those special workers this Labor Day with a gift to IWJ.

When you honor a worker with a gift to IWJ, you not only recognize the work of one or a handful of workers, you also reaffirm your commitment to call for better wages and working conditions for all workers.