Hyatt workers find justice

Sung Yeon Choi-Morrow |

As many of you know Interfaith Worker Justice supports justice for all hospitality workers. For years we've supported Hyatt Hotel workers in their struggle for decent wages and benefits. Yesterday, Hyatt Hotels Corporation reached a tentative agreement with its workers represented by UNITE HERE. This is a big win!

Hyatt actionMany of you signed the boycott pledge, got others to sign it, participated in delegations and rallies at Hyatt hotels. Some of you led efforts within your denominations and institutions to support workers by honoring the Hyatt Boycott when the workers called for it. At times this came at a cost but because of your beliefs that workers deserve respect and dignity, you made the sacrifices (sometimes thousands of dollars worth of sacrifices) to stand in solidarity with Hyatt Workers.

This is good news, not only for Hyatt workers but workers in the hospitality industry overall. It is also good news for our country, where good jobs are scarce and the trends cutting wages and hours to save costs are growing. There are ways for corporations to thrive AND treat their workers with dignity that includes fair pay and good benefits. We have faith that Hyatt will do just that.

You can continue to support hotel workers and urge your denomination or faith community to plan conferences and meetings ethically by opting to stay at union shops, honoring other hotel boycotts because of labor disputes, and including protective language in your contracts with hotels and event spaces. This language will allow you to break a contract if there is a labor dispute at the hotel with its workers.

For more information, check out IWJ's guide for denominations and faith communities to support hospitality workers when hosting meetings, events or conferences.