Four things you can do on Independence Day for workers

Adam DeRose |


As we all prepare to celebrate Independence Day, Interfaith Worker Justice and our allies are encouraging you to be mindful of workers when you prepare for barbeques and holiday parties with your families and loved ones. Here are four tips to think about workers during the holiday:

  • Check out AFL-CIO’s union friendly grocery list that highlights products, jobs and stories Made in America.
  • Support union grocery stores. Don’t know where a union grocery store is near you? Download UFCW’s app for your smartphone.
  • Pray for workers at Walmart, where it is common for management to intimidate workers, steal wages and provide unsafe working conditions. IWJ is working with the Making Change at Walmart campaign and hosting vigils all week across the country in support of Walmart workers.
  •  IWJ is proud to support Dahlia Green Cleaning Services worker cooperative in Austin, Texas—the first green worker co-op in the country. Support worker initiatives like Dahlia Green Cleaning Service in your communities