What our Faith Communities can do to stop Wage Theft

Adam DeRose |

IWJ national organizer Sung Yeon Choi-Morrow joined Christian justice advocates from across the country at North Park University’s Justice Summit hoping to bring the issue of wage theft to the folks attending the summit.


Choi-Morrow led two discussion-based workshops for more than 60 North Park students, community members and religious delegates from evangelical communities across the country.

Wage Theft was the topic of discussion, and participants in the discussion workshop learned what people of faith can do to support workers whose wages are being stolen.

Participants were able to bring back concrete ideas for their own congregations to join the fight against wage theft:

  • Sign up to be an e-advocate.
  • Encourage your denomination to avoid non-union hotels and convention centers when hosting events or conferences.
  • Ask your congregation or religious institution about their labor practices.
  • Start a worker justice discussion group at your congregation.

The Justice Summit was a new two-day event led by theologians, teachers and activists. Organizers hoped participants would learn to engage in ministries of compassion and mercy, challenge policies through advocacy and community organizing, and partner with organizations like IWJ.

The program featured addresses from Cornel West, Harvey Carey, Jim Wallis, Judy Peterson and Soong-Chan Rah.