Keeping Faith in Labor on this Labor Day and Everyday

Cynthia Brooke |

The US Department of Labor has a blog called "Keeping Faith in Labor."

Rev. Phil Tom has a nice post just in time for Labor Day.  He writes, "As a clergy member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), we believe that work is a Godly endeavor and as such, should be performed with integrity and contribute to the well-being and transformation of society. As part of our religious teachings regarding work, we are also directed to ensure that all workers are treated with justice."

The post has some good quotes and then he writes that members of faith communities are responding to their religious calling by working address injustices such as hazardous working conditions and workers whose wages have been stolen because of underpayment by their employers.

For the faith community, such service is intended to help uphold our country's labor laws and statutes, but it also appeals to a higher calling to support and to protect the life, dignity, and respect of each worker.

Well said, Phil!