Connecting faith and work this Labor Day weekend

Adam DeRose |

LIPWow we have been busy at IWJ these last few weeks. Folks on staff and some of our affiliates, allies and supporters are finishing up preparations for Labor in the Pulpits/on the Bimah/in the Minbar programs at local congregations and faith communities all across the country.

Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend?

Join the thousands of people of faith across the country and honor workers with your faith communities this Labor Day weekend. Together we can honor the Sacredness of Work and reflect, pray and lift up the issues affecting struggling workers in this economy.

It's not easy working these days! Immoral employers are cutting corners and stealing wages from hard-working employees. Nationally, minimum wage workers are working for an immorally low wage (if the Federal minimum wage just kept up with inflation it would be around $10.50 and hour). Some workers are pushing their employers for safer conditions. Lately, we've seen the institutionalized degradation of unions and collective bargaining rights in both public and private sectors. Together we must remember to honor the Sacredness of Work.

Every year for 15 years, IWJ and our affiliates and allies connect faith and work in a special way for Labor Day weekend. Programs include workers in the pulpits, discussion groups after service and special resources in bulletins and newsletters. Join us as we honor the struggle for respect and dignity for all workers, economic justice and fair treatment at work.

Find or register a Labor in the Pulpit event in your community