Mexican Archdiocese calls businesses who invest in Trump's wall 'traitors'

From Politico:

by Madeline Conway

The Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico charged Sunday that it would be immoral, and even treacherous, for Mexican companies to invest in President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

“Any company intending to invest in the wall of the fanatic Trump would be immoral, but above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered traitors to the homeland,” the archdiocese wrote in Desde la fe, its weekly publication, according to Reuters.

Reuters reported that the archdiocese’s spokesperson, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, confirmed that the editorial stands for the archdiocese’s official view.

Trump’s pledge to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, part of his hard-line immigration platform, has contributed to growing tensions between him and the Mexican government. He repeatedly claimed during the presidential campaign that Mexico would pay to build a wall between the two countries, and the president has not retracted that claim, even though leaders of Mexico have repeatedly said they have no intention of doing so.

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