MIT janitors to see wage hike in new contract

From The Boston Globe:

by Katie Johnston

Janitors at MIT will get a raise to $23.67 an hour over the next three years under the terms of their new contract, which workers approved Thursday night.

The wage is one of the highest for custodians in the country, according to the Service Employees International Union 32BJ, which represents the workers.

The vote was 273 in favor and 23 opposed.

In all, 650 custodians, electricians, groundskeepers, security guards, and other union members at MIT will get a 9 percent raise over the course of the three-year contract. The skilled trade workers in the union, including electricians and plumbers, will get to $40.33 an hour by 2019.

“The service workers are rightfully proud of the work they do and are determined that these jobs remain sustainable, with good wages and benefits that allow workers an entry into the middle class,” said Roxana Rivera, vice president of 32BJ SEIU. “As a leader in higher education and one of the richest universities in the world, MIT is doing the right thing by investing in hardworking men and women who help to make this institution strong.”

The pay raise for janitors, who make up nearly half of the MIT workers represented by the union, will put them close to the $24.76 that unionized Boston University custodians will make by 2018 and well above the $18 an hour made by those who clean downtown office buildings. The office cleaners will soon be negotiating a new contract.

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