New DOL wage and hour investigators

Kim Bobo |

On Feb. 3, David Weil, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Administrator, sent an email out explaining that the President’s budget proposal requests money for 300 additional new investigators. This is great news!

In 2009, the President's budget added 300 new investigators to restore the agency to previous levels. Adding three hundred more investigators, while still not enough given that the Division is supposed to protect the wages of 135 million workers, is a significant – 30 percent – increase. Weil also said that the budget includes a call to increase civil monetary penalties – that’s government talk for fines. The department is trying to create meaningful penalties for those who routinely and willfully violate wage and hour laws.  This is absolutely the right direction.

The one thing we were still hoping to hear was a commitment to put Clear Paystubs for All back on the Department of Labor’s regulatory agenda. If you haven’t yet sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, thank him for increasing investigators and fines for violators and urge him to put Clear Paystubs for All back on the regulatory agenda.