Not Lovin' it, but not surprised

Janel Bailey |

For more than two years, fast-food workers have been calling on corporations like McDonald's to pay $15 an hour and stop retaliating against workers who stand up collectively. Yesterday McDonald's announced an inadequate raise for SOME (about 10 percent of) workers at its company-owned stores. The move comes just one day after workers announced they'd strike on April 15. The corporation's tiny raise really was a joke. We're not lovin' it. Workers need what they've been calling for since the beginning: $15 an hour.

But because everything old is new, many people weren’t surprised to see McDonald’s toss a few coins around to try and appease enough of their employees to slow the momentum they’ve built leading up to April 15. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to offer chump change, allegedly from the kindness of your heart, as workers are getting together and taking themselves seriously. I actually hesitated to share the announcement seeing as it was so expected, and it came out, of all days, on April Fools Day.  o_O

It actually gives me hope that McDonald’s is following the choreography for a “typical boss fight”, because it means that we will win. Many workers and organizers have seen the dance before: we talk to each other, they talk to us individually, to scare us and pick us apart. We act together, they try to isolate our leaders. Just before we win, they make a last ditch effort to buy some of us off. The steps stay the same, no matter who is doing the dance, be it McDonald’s, Walmart, Target, etc. I’m excited to join fast wood workers who are taking the lead all across the country on April 15

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