Port Chester Restaurant Owner Could Be Jailed for $47K Wage Theft

Elisa Parto, the restaurant owner.

From lohud:

By Matt Spillane

A Port Chester restaurant owner will head to jail at the end of the spring unless she pays back the wages she stole from her employees, officials said.

After skipping her original sentencing last year, Elisa Parto, owner of Elisa's Food & Plus, has been sentenced to six months in jail for cheating six former employees out of $47,000, the state Attorney General's Office announced today.

Parto has paid back $21,000 of that sum but has ignored several court warnings over the past eight months and failed to pay the balance of the restitution, officials said.

She is not in custody at the moment and can avoid jail time if she pays back the remaining $26,000 by June 5. Otherwise she will have to surrender to begin serving her sentence.

Parto pleaded guilty in December 2015 to failing to pay six of her employees minimum wage and overtime at her restaurant at 73 Poningo St. She cheated those employees between 2012 and 2014, a period in which one employee described frequently working nearly 70 hours per week, officials said.

The plea agreement required her to pay back those wages. She was originally scheduled to be sentenced on March 10, 2016, but did not show up and was later arrested. She then failed to appear in court again in April 2016 and spent one week in jail for violating her bail conditions, officials said.

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