Push back on the anti-immigration law

Cynthia Brooke |

The Chicago Tribune religion reporter yesterday blogged that "Clergy condemn anti-immigration law, demand reform."

Yet, the religious response isn't enough to overcome the racist, fearful reaction from people in Arizona and across our country. While we need to tackle this within our faith communities we need to do more.

What is needed is a wide-spread push back on the anti-immigrant misinformation from recent months. Boycotts are a start. So are the online campaigns. We don't need to hear from the usual suspects. Fox, Drudge, Michelle Malkin, etc. don't add anything to the discussion.

We must hold our political leaders accountable- politicians like a former "Maverick" who has now flip-flopped on immigration to win a primary.

But, even more importantly, our friends, families, coworkers, and Facebook pals all need to hear from us. A movement starts with our voices.

It is easy to sit back and let our religious leaders to condemn the Arizona law. But, it is better to join the discussion.