Rebuilding after Harvey: Immigrants need apply

Photo credit: U.S. Air Force/Kemberly Groue

From the Houston Chronicle:

by Chris Tomlinson

Hurricane Harvey has given federal officials the perfect opportunity to round up undocumented immigrants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents should stake out hardware stores and follow trucks loaded with drywall or other building materials to flood-ravaged neighborhoods. After all, there's at least a 1-in-4 chance (some say even odds) that a Houston construction worker will not have the proper papers to be here, according to a Pew Research study of Houston's workforce earlier this year.

The agents could put a dent in the 575,000 people living in Houston who entered the country illegally, and fill paddy wagons full of hard-working people trying to live the American dream.

As tough as President Donald Trump has talked about boosting deportations, though, I bet ICE won't be launching any roundups in Houston anytime soon.

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