Remembering Postville, Ten Years Later

IWJ Co-Founder Rabbi Robert Marx at the Postville Rally

"Ten years ago, on May 12, 2008, our town of Postville, Iowa, was turned upside down. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrived by helicopters and arrested 389 workers at Agriprocessors, a local meat-packaging plant, and our town has never recovered." – The Rev. Nils de Jesús Hernandez, pastor of Trinity Cluster Catholic Community, which is​ comprised of parishes in Postville, Monona, and McGregor, Iowa. (From the Des Moines Register article: Ten Years After Postville Immigration Raid, a Priest Calls for Solidarity)

In July of 2008, IWJ had several summer interns along with IWJ co-founder Rabbi Robert Marx attend an interfaith rally in Postville to protest the largest workplace raid in American history. IWJ founder, Kim Bobo wrote the following reflection piece on the Postville raids which offers a haunting narrative of that day and the following weeks. Postville: Ground Zero for the Intersection of Immigrant and Workers' Rights