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Stand Up for Worker Rights and Democracy April 1-4

Stand Up for Worker Rights and Democracy April 1-4

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IWJ has produced a set of resources for the April 1-4 We Are One Days of Action - prayers, sermons, a bulletin insert, and pieces on what congregations, students, andApril 4 worker centers can do to take part in the mobilization. You can find them here (they're all PDFs):

Download these resources, put them to use, and spread the word far and wide about them -- via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, listservs, or however you share information.

If you're planning an event April 1-4, please register it here:


To find out if there's already an action planned in your area, go here:



If you want ideas for actions, consult our resources above or go here:


And sign IWJ's Petition Stop Attacks on Public Sector Workers and Unions!


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