Standing With the Unemployed: A Congregational Toolkit on Faith & Jobs

Danny Postel |

In December IWJ launched Faith Advocates for Jobs, a campaign aimed at tackling the unemployment crisis through national advocacy, educational outreach, and organizing unemployed worker support committees in congregations.

Faith Advocates for Jobs has now produced a toolkit for congregations that want to get involved with the campaign. Standing With the Unemployed: A Faith Advocates for JobsCongregational Toolkit can be downloaded here (it's a PDF).

In the toolkit you'll find:

  • Campaign Goals
  • Worship Resources
  • Congregational Pledge
  • What Can Your Congregation Do?
  • Coming Together in a Time of Crisis
  • Getting Immediate Help to Unemployed Workers
  • The Spiritual Meaning of the Economic Crisis

Please download the toolkit and let others know about it -- via e-mail, facebook, listservs, or however you share information.

To learn more about Faith Advocates for Jobs or to get your congregation or group involved, get in touch with Rev. Paul Sherry, the campaign's coordinator, via e-mail or at             202-525-3055      .

To join the Faith Advocates for Jobs campaign, click HERE for congregations and HERE for organizations.