Support Worker Justice on Giving Tuesday

Kathleen Lantto |

Much of the news over the past few days has centered on the amount of retail sales on Black Friday and through the weekend. Economists measure the health of our nation, in part, based on how much we buy in the days following Thanksgiving.

But we know that the true reflection of our values as a nation of generosity and love is not how much we spend on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

For those of us committed to worker justice, the spirit of our nation is embodied by how much of ourselves we give away, not by how many things we buy.

Will you give to IWJ this Giving Tuesday?

This year, you’ve given by fasting for our sisters and brothers who work in low-wage service jobs and deserve a living wage and a union. You’ve given time and resources to help victims of wage theft recover tens of thousands of dollars. You’ve given money to help build a brand-new wage theft website to help workers and organizations put a stop to this multi-billion dollar epidemic. You’ve given your voice to call out unscrupulous businesses who don’t provide a safe place to work or retaliate against workers for organizing.

This Giving Tuesday, would you be willing to give a little more?

We have a lot of exciting campaign work to look forward to in 2016 and your support will help realize these plans. From pushing the biggest poultry producers in the country to improve worker safety conditions to continuing to add interactive features to our new wage theft website, your financial backing will provide a sustainable financial plan for the IWJ network to push boldly forward in the fight for worker justice.

Right now, we are just $4,378 away from our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal.

Will you give whatever you can today to help beat our goal and head into the new year with the financial support to hit the ground running on our 2016 organizing plan?

Whether your issue is winning a living wage and a union for low-wage workers, improving workplace safety, or ending wage theft in America once and for all, your generous contribution will help move all of this campaign work and more.

If everyone on this list gave just $20, IWJ would have the resources to implement our 2016 campaign plan in full before the calendar year even turns.  

Donate what you can and support worker justice on this Giving Tuesday. When you make a contribution of at least $30 this Giving Tuesday, we'll send you an IWJ t-shirt to show off your commitment to worker justice.

Thank you, as always, for your work and commitment to worker justice.


Rudy López, Executive Director, Interfaith Workers Justice