Top 10 Quotes from IWJ's Internship Debrief

10) “I want to engage people with how they can get involved.” —Melissa

 9) “I’ll definitely be more aware of working conditions as a consumer.” —Madison

 8) “I feel confident in going forward in my work in getting students more focused on workers' rights.” —Brad

Viktoria reflects on her time this summer with South Flordia-IWJ and presents to IWJ's summer interns at this year's debrief in Chicago.


7) “Sometimes you have to tell people face-to-face or call them on the phone. Then, it’s a lot more likely that people will show up.” —Viktoria

 6) “We’re making progress, even tiny progress makes a difference.” —Yan

 5) “My values have gotten stronger regarding the labor movement. I have seen how important this is, much more than just for my family, but for immigrant and low-wage working families.”  —Jelena

4) “It’s awesome to see these folks from a synagogue going to an Episcopal church to phone bank.” —Viktoria

3) “Wins for humanity are possible!” —Ashley


During the debrief, IWJ interns shared their "Head, Heart and Feet." A reflection designed to put what they've learned and how they're feeling into action. Tucker reflects on what he learned as an intern with IWJ—New Mexico.



2) "The “empire” has co-opted our religious traditions." —Tucker

1) “Both the times I’ve ever worn a stole have been at rallies. It’s kind of awesome; like it means, “this is your call.” —Kirk



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