Town of Ithaca Unanimously Backs Countywide Minimum Wage as Living Wage ($14.34/hour)

Ian Pajer-Rogers |

From our affiliates at the Tompkins County Worker Center

(ITHACA) On Monday, 8/10, the Ithaca Town Board, by a unanimous vote, became the first governmental agency in Tompkins County to publicly endorse the Tompkins County Workers’ Center campaign, to mandate a minimum wage for EVERYONE who works in Tompkins County that is a Living Wage ($14.34/hour in Tompkins).

Says Ithaca Town Supervisor Herb Engman: “The Town Board realized that the issue today isn’t just jobs but jobs that pay wages people can live on. The widening income gap has gotten a lot of attention nationally, and more local governments are taking action to raise the minimum wage, which has fallen over the years in terms of spending power.”

Read the full press release from our affiliate at Tompkins County Worker Center.