Two Filipina domestic workers for German diplomat were overworked, underpaid: lawsuit

Photo credit: James Keivom/New York Daily News

From the New York Daily News:

by Rahima Nasa

Two Filipina domestic workers were underpaid by their German diplomat boss for 90-hour weeks that included scraping bird droppings from the wall of his Westchester home, the former employees charge in a new lawsuit.

Sherile Pahagas, 32, and Edith Mendoza, 51, say their pay worked out to about $4 an hour from Pit Kohler, a German civil servant living in Harrison and working at the United Nations, the pair allege in court papers filed in late June with the Southern District of New York.

“I worked all day cleaning the house and taking care of the Kohlers’ four young children,” said Mendoza.

The work also included one above-and-beyond task that resulted from the Kohlers’ practice of allowing pet birds to fly around the six-bedroom home.

“I was even scraping bird droppings from the wall,” Mendoza said.

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