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Wage Theft Toolkit 2.0

Wage Theft Toolkit 2.0

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We've completely revamped our Toolkit on Wage Theft and made it available for downloading here. Here's the Table of Contents:

National Day of Action Against Wage Theft - November 18

What You Can Do
Sample/Template Press Advisory

Wage Theft - A National Disgrace

Legislative Solutions

National Legislation to Protect Workers From Wage Theft
Talking Points on Wage Theft Legislation: Answering the Opposition
Organizing a Congressional Wage Theft Delegation:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Legislative Visits

Wage Theft Questions & Answers

Faces of Wage Theft

State and Local Campaigns to Stop Wage Theft

  • Case Study: The First County-Wide Ordinance Against Wage Theft in the Country
  • Case Study: Fayetteville, Arkansas Passes Wage Theft Proclamation
  • A Compendium of State and Local Legislation Against Wage Theft

Getting the Message Out about Wage Theft

  • Talking to Religious Groups about Wage Theft
  • Talking to Students about Wage Theft
  • Talking Points for Unions about Wage Theft
  • Working with the Media: Pitching Your Wage Theft Story

Educational and Religious Resources

Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers
Responsive Reading: Loosening the Bonds of Injustice
Educational Bulletin Insert: Stop Wage Theft
Congregational Study Guide for Wage Theft in America
‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You': Wage Theft and S.B. 1070
The Imperative of Ending Wage Theft: An Interfaith Perspective


So download away -- and share the link!

For more information about how you can participate in the November 18 National Day of Action Against Wage Theft, contact IWJ Public Policy Director Ted Smukler (


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