Walmart Workers Begin National Week of Action in Arizona

Last night and today, Walmart workers took to the streets in Phoenix and Paradise Valley, Ariz., right to where Walmart Chairman Rob Walton calls home. Workers, faith leaders and community allies hosted a prayer vigil in a beautiful display of prophetic witness of justice and dignity at work. Walmart workers are on strike in protest of the retail giant's illegal retaliation against workers who speak up for better wages and working conditions.

"I'm afraid for the future of my kids growing up, living in a world where there's no middle class, in a world where they're living in poverty. We shouldn't live in a world like that, especially in this country. It's supposed to be a land of opportunity," OUR Walmart worker Anthony Goytia told a local Fox News reporter.

Workers marched together with community allies to Rob Walton home on Monday, June 2. 


More this week as faith communities, union brothers and sisters and community groups take action in solidarity with workers who are standing up against inequality. These actions will be happening at stores across the country and online. You can join the action. Download all the resources you'll need for tomorrow's historic day of action!