What You Can Do on the National Day of Action Against Wage Theft

Danny Postel |

Here are several things you -- individually, your organization, your congregation -- can do to participate in IWJ's National Day of Action Against Wage Theft:

• Highlight national anti-wage theft legislation: the Wage Theft Prevention and Community Partnership Act and the Fair Playing Field Act (an anti-misclassification bill)

1. Lead a delegation of workers and faith leaders to your Representative
2. Hold a press conference with your elected leaders

• Highlight local ordinance or state law campaigns or victories:

1. Organize press events with legislation sponsors
2. Lead educational forums


• Actions against Wage Theft perpetrators:

1. Conduct a bus tour of unethical businesses that steal wages
2. Organize a group to confront an employer to pay his workers; flyer the business'customers
3. Hold a prayer vigil
4. Plan an action at a non-union contractor or employer that is stealing wages and undercutting union companies


• Host a "Know Your Rights" educational workshop with workersParticipate in IWJ's National Day of Action Against Wage Theft.

• Announce a new initiative against wage theft

1. Attorneys can file a new lawsuit
2. Politicians can announce new initiatives
3. Academics can report on new wage theft survey results

There might be an event already planned in your area -- you can find out by going here.

If you do hold an event, please let us know about it! Post information about your event here.

And contact IWJ Public Policy Director Ted Smukler (tsmukler@iwj.org) to coordinate or to find out more about IWJ'sNational Day of Action Against Wage Theft. Together we can put an end to this national disgrace.