Words from IWJ Board Member Naeem Baig

NaeemThe following is an exerpt from a Feb. 16 note to members of the Islamic Circle of North America from IWJ Board Member Naeem Baig. Naeem is the new elected President of the ICNA. He played a major role in strengthening ICNA's Interfaith Relations Department. During his time as the Secretary General, ICNA became member of many Interfaith organizations, like Religions for Peace USA and National Muslim Christian Initiative. 

Dear Muslims:

The Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA, is an organization for all Muslims living in the United States of America.

Since its inception in 1968, the brothers and sisters belonging to ICNA have been working day and night for the cause of Islam, seeking only the pleasure of AllahGlorified and Exalted be He.


In ICNA, we have a very democratic process. Members of ICNA elect their leaders at various levels to run the affairs of this organization. In January of this year, the members of the ICNA General Assembly have put this great task on my shoulders by electing me as President of ICNA for the 2013 – 2014 session.


ICNA has almost 40 chapters and sub-chapters throughout the country. This kind of grassroots presence makes it possible for us to involve the American Muslim community and the larger community in many ways. ICNA is known for its outreach/Dawah efforts; we are constantly engaged in relief work and social services and remain committed to social justice causes. ICNA Sisters’ Wing helps sisters effectively learn about Islam. Young Muslims (YM), the youth division of ICNA, runs over 60 study groups for the American Muslim youth.

As a board member, Naeem has been instrumental in helping IWJ staff think about moving it's communications strategies forward. Interfaith Worker Justice and our affiliates across the country want to congratulate Naeem on his election and wish him a blessed term serving as INCA's President. As people of faith are continue to work with our Mulsim brothers and sisters on an array of worker justice issues.