Young girl breaks through barricade, embraced by Francis

Ian Pajer-Rogers |

Sofi Cruz traveled with her family all the way from California to see Pope Francis' historic first visit to the United States. As the pope rode down Constitution Avenue to thralls of onlookers, Sofi managed to slip through the barricades at the side of the avenue. As she was being led away by security, Pope Francis saw Sofi and motioned for his security guards to let the child through.

Sofi was brought to the pope, who embraced her and accepted her gift of a tee-shirt and a letter, both of which urged Francis to do everything in his power to stop the deportation crisis. Sofi's parents are immigrants from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Here's the letter Sofi gave the Pope: 

Photos courtesy of ABC7 Los Angeles

And here is video of the exchange, courtesy of the Associated Press: