Interfaith Worker Justice

Working together to make good jobs a national priority.


Interfaith Worker Justice supports a vast national network of interfaith groups and worker justice congregations committed to standing with workers in support of campaigns that bring about worker and economic justice! Not only are congregations and interfaith groups providing support to workers and economic justice campaigns in their communities, they are striving to bring about a change in public policy at the national and local levels, as well as rallying for deep changes to the way giant corporations treat their workers. Inspired by their faith, these interfaith groups and worker justice congregations hope to bring about an economy that works for everyone

The entire country is struggling in the current economic crisis, especially African Americans, Latinos and young workers. Be an advocate for economic policies the uplift the dignity of work!

What does the IWJ's interfaith network do?

Groups have various names and structures but similar purpose and values – to organize the religious community in support of workers’ issues, especially low-wage workers. IWJ affiliate groups have been on the front lines opposing "right-to-work" legislation, getting tough anti-wage theft laws passed across the nation, starting and supporting worker centers, sponsoring "Labor in the Pulpit/on the Bimah/in the Minbar" events, reaching out to the local and state media to raise awareness of worker justice issues, and more. There are 60+ affiliate interfaith groups in the IWJ network. More form each year.

How can my congregation or faith community get involved?

The religious community has long been on the forefront of fighting poverty and seeking ways to help workers, immigrants and “the least of these” in society. Worker Justice Congregations have access to educational tools and resources that will allow them to engage further in the fight against poverty by advocating for the rights of workers, especially of those in low-wage jobs. 

Will you be part of this change? Then, come and join hands with us! Take action!