Ash Wednesday, February 18

"Fasting is an aid to open our eyes to the situation in which so many of our brothers and sisters live. …. Voluntary fasting enables us to grow in the spirit of the Good Samaritan, who bends low and goes to the help of his suffering brother."

- Benedict XVI, Message for Lent 2009

Today we begin our journey of prayer, repentance and sacrifice. On this Ash Wednesday, we call upon our nation's largest and most oppressive employers, especially those in the fast food and retail industries, to repent, mend their ways and to respond to their workers' urgent and desperate cries for wages, benefits and working conditions that honor their dignity as human beings.

From “Bring More of What I Dream” by Ted Loder In Guerrillas of Grace

O God, who out of nothing brought everything that is,
out of what I am bring more of what I dream but haven’t dared;
direct my power and passion to creating life where there is death,
to putting flesh of action on bare-boned intentions,
to lighting fires against the midnight of indifference,
to throwing bridges of care across canyons of loneliness;
so that I can look on creation, together with you,
and, behold, call it very good;
through Jesus Christ My Lord.

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