Sunday, February 22

Trust and Honesty

Read Psalm 25:1-10     

"All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness for those who keep his covenant and his decrees." - Psalm 25:9-10                         

Reflection: The Psalms of David are beautiful because of their messages of devotion, but also because of their honesty. David proclaims, “I put my trust in God."

Anyone who is trying to move forward in a new direction or raise up children in a good way must “claim” the direction they want to go. You must affirm and claim the new skill you want to learn, the new attitude you want to have or the direction you want your children to go. David affirmed the direction he wanted to go, even though he probably didn’t always do it. This affirming is a way of claiming the vision and claiming God’s promise. We must do this both personally for ourselves and our children, but also for our society. We must claim that we could be a nation and a world that cares for everyone. We could have an economy that serves the people, and not the other way around.

David then asks for God’s help. He needs God’s help in showing him the path and direction to go. Don’t all of us need that as well? We need God’s truth and God’s guidance in moving forward.

David then acknowledges his own sinfulness.  He asks God not to “remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways.” As you recall, David had some serious sins and rebelliousness. He coveted another man’s wife and had him killed. It doesn’t get much worse than that!  And yet, God used David to do important things. If God could use David, clearly he can use us. And if God can forgive David’s transgressions, then surely as a society we can forgive those who have done something wrong.

As a society, we lock up lots of young people, disproportionately young men of color. And then when these young people get out of jail, we make it hard for them to get jobs. We have not provided education and jobs skills that can lead to wholeness. This ongoing “punishment” is not how God operates and shouldn’t be how we operate.

David concludes this passage by claiming God’s love and asking for God’s guidance. This Lent, we claim God’s love for each one of us and ask God’s guidance for us personally and for us as a society. 

By: Kim Bobo, IWJ Founding Director

Prayer: Lord help me to claim your vision and goodness. Forgive my sins and rebelliousness. Help me and our society restore all to wholeness so we can each contribute and use our gifts. Guide us in loving our neighbors and seeking justice for all.

"...that we may give our body and our blood over to suffering and pain, like Christ -- not for Self, but to give harvests of peace and justice to our People."
- Archbishop Oscar Romero

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