Wednesday, February 25

Read Psalms 25:1-10

"The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love." —Pope Francis

Oh how enjoyable is truth when it delivers a person from affliction and oh how loving and kind are words of instruction that lead us to deliverance from oppression.

This text describes one person’s yearning for truth and that which is right. Especially in cases when that truth and "rightness" will bring about deliverance from that which is oppressive and unjust. Humanity has embarked, for centuries, in a journey for truth. A journey for discovery in many fields. Though this discovery of truth ought not be without implications. When discovered, truth must lead to that which is right and ultimately, love and faithfulness.

As we prepare for our hearts to be teachable and humble during this time of Lent, let us consider all that awaits us for discovery and the many ways in which it will bring about deliverance and justice within our society. Let us consider that waiting on God’s salvation has implications for truth in us, with in us and through us. Let us consider the extent of such salvation and allow it to flow through us in ways that it brings about discovery of truth and deliverance within our communities and society for we are all, in many ways, connected through that search for what is right and just.

Let your paths, Oh God, allow us to find resolution to those areas in our society which are in great need. Let your paths look forward to a promising future.

By: Roberto Barrios


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