Summer Internship Application

Job Title:
Interfaith Worker Justice
Summer Intern (Organizing Associate)

Internship Dates:
June 11, 2012 until Aug. 8, 2012
(Includes training from June 11 until June 15 and debrief in Chicago from Aug. 6 until Aug. 8)

Number of Hours/Week:
Generally interns will work Monday thru Friday, but additional work on the weekend may be required occasionally. Evening work will be frequent. There will be days requiring more than eight hours, and there will be weeks requiring more than 40 hours. But there will be days and weeks when less is required, and Sabbathkeeping practices will be integrated into the work schedule.

Desired Skills/Qualifications:
The student must be a person of faith or interested in working closely and respectfully with persons of faith. The student should be familiar and comfortable with religious practices outside of one’s tradition is essential. We desire a student who is wellversed in politics, history and economics and is capable of interpreting public affairs theologically.

Prior experience in community organizing is preferred but not required. Familiarity with the history of the U.S. labor movement is recommended but not required.

The student must show strong interest in forging an understanding of social and economic justice from a theological perspective and in learning to analyze economic and political realities as viewed through the lens of faith.

The student must have an inquisitive nature and an open curiosity about how religious practice informs and supports direct action organizing. There is no qualifying “religious test,” nor expectation of orthodox to any particular tradition.

Job Details & Responsibilities:

The student will provide general support on workers’ rights campaigns, help mobilize religious leaders and faithbased activists for timely actions to help janitors, hotel workers, farm workers and security guards. The tasking includes making phone calls, crafting emails or literature, engaging in one on one meetings with community and religious leaders, meeting with local union representatives, organizing events and attending meetings as a member of Interfaith Worker Justice.

Supervision Details:

The intern will be supervised directly by an organizer on site as well as receive support and coaching from a IWJ’s National staff member. 

Compensation Details:

Some placements are paid and other placements are unpaid. This internship may be funded through a program through your school. Please check with the entities that posted this at your school. Arrangement for housing may be possible.

Fill out the form below and email us your resume to apply. Application deadline is April 1.