Support global boycott of Hyatt Hotels

IWJ and people of faith across the country are honoring the boycott. Here are five reasons to join us:

  1. Hyatt demands housekeepers clean dangerously high numbers of rooms. Housekeepers at some Hyatt hotels clean as many as 30 rooms a day, compared to half as many at union hotels—resulting in some of the highest injury rates for a major hotel chain.  Hyatt housekeepers frequently have to clean bathrooms on their knees (instead of having back-saving mops) and lift 100 pound mattresses.

  2. Hyatt is shifting its core workforce to perma-temps. Instead of honoring and respecting core staff, Hyatt is replacing many of its permanent long-term employees with folks from staffing agencies. These hospitality staffing agencies usually pay poverty wages and offer no benefits, such as sick days, vacations days, health insurance or pensions.

  3. Hyatt refuses to remain neutral as non-union workers organize. In the U.S., when most workers decide to organize a union, companies here union-busting firms to assist them in waging wars on their own workers. Too often, workers are fired, harassed and demeaned. Hyatt workers have asked the company to remain neutral as they decide whether or not to have a union. Hyatt has refused to give workers the freedom to decide about a union in an open and pressure-free work environment.

  4. Hyatt can choose to be a high road employer. Hyatt is not struggling with the bottom line. It is a profitable multinational corporation, capable of enacting high road policies that treat workers fairly and pays them middle-class wages and offer benefits. Instead, currently it is choosing to be a low-road employer that disregards its core workers.  Hyatt can do better.

  5. Hyatt workers and their union have asked for support. Boycotts make sense when workers and their elected union want them, and this is the case with the global boycott of Hyatt!

Please join people of faith across the country and pledge to boycott Hyatt until it agrees to protect the health of workers, hires core workers directly, pays them decent wages with benefits and allows workers to stick together and organize for a better workplace!