In the last days of 2016 we received an extraordinary contribution, note and poem from supporter Rachel Carey-Harper of Massachusetts. She wrote as a Quaker to express her concern about the turn our national politics has taken in the 2016 presidential election and since. Here’s an excerpt of the note she sent with her gift:

Friends, listen. Especially now we need to work extra hard at keeping ourselves grounded. Do whatever sort of intentional healing works for you…. What comes to me during the blessed times of quietude is that there are things we can and should do. Not only will it push back the wave of intolerance and isolation but also the waves of our own despair. We can organize and, most important, we can support each other.

IWJ was founded in a belief that workers and people of faith must stand together to insure justice in our economy and fair treatment for all people. Thank you for your faith in and connection to that mission. Together we will improve the lives of workers today and build a better future for the next generation.

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Other ways to give

Double your donation with an employer’s matching gift

Many employers offer matching gift programs that allow you to double your donations at no cost to you! If you are not sure whether your company has a matching gift policy, ask your employer/human resources department about it; you can also use this online matchfinder resource provided by Blackbaud to search on your company’s name.

Combined Federal Campaign

Federal government employees and members of the military can support Interfaith Worker Justice through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) by designating their gifts to: CFC # 12481.

Giving Securities

Charitable gifts of stock or mutual fund shares are a great way to support workers and at the same time receive a year-end tax break. We are available to assist with the process; please contact Development Director Cathy Junia to let us know you plan to make a stock gift either directly or via your broker or bank.

Give in-kind

IWJ has been privileged over the years to receive gifts of: Airline Miles, Credit Card Rewards Points, Office Equipment, Meeting Space, Printing Services, Homestay Accommodations and more! If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact Development Director Cathy Junia to make arrangements and let us know whom to thank!

Planned Giving

Determining what gift is right for you is as important as making the gift, and we want to make sure your financial and charitable goals are satisfied as you help build a stronger movement for worker justice. Planned giving takes many forms including:

  • Bequests. A gift or legacy left in your will or living trust, typically personal property or assets . If you have added IWJ in your will.

  • Insurance Plans. Whether you are purchasing a new policy or giving a policy that is no longer relevant to your needs, Interfaith Worker Justice can be named as a recipient of part or all of policy proceeds.

  • Retirement Plans. Giving a retirement plan as a gift (such as IRAs, stock bonus plans, or 401(k) plans), is a convenient way to build the movement for worker justice and reduce taxes for yourself and/or your heirs.

To make a planned gift,  please complete our bequest form and send to Cathy Junia.

Attorneys: Designate Cy Pres Funds

We strongly believe all class action funds should go to the class members. When that is not possible, we are equipped to insure cy pres awards further the cause of working people, especially those in low-wage jobs. Over the years IWJ has received close to $200,000 in residual funds to end wage theft, provide technical assistance and training programs to religion-labor groups and workers’ centers, and create resource materials for workers, congregations, students, and activists. Please download our cy pres info packet for more information.